The Sultanate of Oman

I was honored to be invited by Photographic Society by Oman to attend the first "Gulf Female Photographers Meet" in Muscat between Feb 2 to Feb 7, 2017.  It was a great experience to meet passionate photographers from other Gulf Countries who share same interest in photography.

We have been to different interested locations during our trip to Oman.  The most interesting location I found was Nizwa Souq, which is one of the oldest souqs in Oman.  We have been to Nizwa’s Friday Market where locals come to trade livestock, particularly goats and cows, sold by auction.

Cows and bulls were pulled by the seller around a circular promenade, yelling out prices and haggling with other Omanis bidding from around the perimeter and the interior of the circle.

Here you will find photos taken with FUJIFFILM XT2 using 16-55mm F2.8 lens.