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things I've done

+ workshops


  • Filmmaking short course - SAE Institute, Dubai

  • Graphic Design short course - SAE Institute, Dubai


  • The Art of Street Photography, Magnum

  • Performing the Self Through the Lens by Tarek Al Ghoussein, Sharjah Art Foundation

  • Riso Printing for Photographers by Sarah Alfarhan, Tashkeel

  • Master Photography Class with Joel Meyerowitz

  • Mastering Black and White with Alan Schaller - Apple, London


  • One to One Street Photography Workshop with Craig Whitehead, London

  • "Protecting photographic works in the United Arab Emirates" lecture by Dr. Abdulrahman Al Muaini, HIPA

  • “Cityscape Photography” lecture by Daniel Cheong, HIPA

  • “Landscape Photography” lecture by Dany Eid, HIPA

  • Experimental Photography Workshop by Hessa Al Ajmani, Sharjah Art Foundation

  • “Product Photography” lecture by Jay Alonzo, HIPA

  • International photography competition juror Workshop by Saeed Al Shamsi, Emirates Photographers Society

  • "Daring to See the World in a New Way" Workshop by Maggie Steber, Gulf Photo Plus

  • Taking Measures - Women in Photography Panel Talk, Gulf Photo Plus

  • "Audacity of Beauty" talk by Maggie Steber, Gulf Photo Plus

  • "A Blue Print for Creativity" talk by Sara Lando, Gulf Photo Plus

  • "More Thank Just the Hijaab: Stories from Women in Saudi" talk by Tasneem Al Sultan, Gulf Photo Plus

  • "Face to face portrait of the human spirit" lecture by Alison Wright, HIPA

  • "Street Photography" Workshop by Muna Al Zaabi, Photographic Society of Oman

  • "Getting Photographic Distinctions from International Photography Associations" by Muna Al Zaabi (GPU), Ali Alhajri (FIAP), Abbas Kapadia (PSA), Dar Ibn Al Haitham - Emirates Photographers Society

  • "Light Path" talk by Ahlam AlAhmad, Emirates Photography Society



  • The Ultimate Headshot by Rob Gilberts, Xposure International Photography Festival

  • Telling their stories Seminar by Muhammed Muheisen, Xposure International Photography Festival

  • Harmony in Chaos Sminar by Vineet Vohra , Xposure International Photography Festival

  • Almond Garden Seminar by Gabriella Maj, Xposure International Photography Festival

  • The Cover Shot Seminar by Andrea Belluso, Xposure International Photography Festival

  • Seeing and Shaping Light by Lindsey Adler, Creativelive

  • The Magic of Cinemagraph by Aaron Nace, Creativelive

  • Advanced Diploma in Photography. Shaw Academy - Merit

  • Discover the Art of Digital Manupulation Lecture by Abdulaziz Al-Duwisan, HIPA

  • Mastering Adobe Lightroom Diploma, Shaw Academy - Merit

  • Intrduction to Photoshop Diploma, Shaw Academy - Distinction

  • Photography Diploma, Shaw Academy - Distinction

  • Overcoming your Fear of Shooting Street Photography with Eric Kim, Gulf Photo Plus Workshop

  • Experience the Magic of Film: Introfuction to Film Street Photography with Eric Kim, Gulf Photo Plus Workshop

  • Art and Vision: How to Make Ideas Happen with Sara Lando, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar

  • Master The Street & Raise Your Game by Steve Simon, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar

  • Lighting, Posing, and Expression: Top 10 Tips for Dynamic Portraits by Tamara Lackey, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar

  • The Magical World of Mobile Photography by Ed Kashi, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar

  • Top Tips for Mastering Travel Photography by Elia Locardi, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar

  • Lighting for Fashion & Beauty workshop by Ali Alriffai, Light House Studio

  • "Glimpses of Human Life" lecture by Maggie Steber, HIPA

  • "Photographer on the Silk road" lecture by Michael Yamashita, HIPA



  • "How Photography evaluated?" workshop by Riccardo Busi (Presedent of FIAP), Manarat Alsaadiyat

  • The Mood of Light workshop by Zack Arias, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar

  • Compelling Video in Photoshop CC workshop by RC Concepcion, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar

  • Support Group for Lazy Photographers workshop by Sara Lando, Gulf Photo Plus Seminar



  • Photoshop Advanced Workshop, by Mishaal Al Yousef - Bahrain



  • Bryan F Peterson outdoors 5 days workshop



  • Basics of Macro – Photography by Maysoon Al Ali, Dar Ibn Al Haytham



  • Studio Lighting Workshop by Bobbi Lane, Gulf Photo Plus



  • Portraits and Studio Lighting by Nasser Haji, UAE-Photos Forum

  • Portraits and Studio Lighting by Bader Abbas, Emirates Fine Arts Society

  • Macro and Flowers photography in the studio by Ali Al Nuaimi, Emirates Fine Arts Society



  • Photoshop Secrets by Ali Bin Thaleth, Emirates Photography Society

  • Type of camera lenses by Abdulaziz Bin Ali and Saif Al Zari, Emirates Photography Society

  • Advanced Photography Course by Bader Abbas, Emirates Fine Arts Society

  • Basics of Photography Course by Bader Abbas, Emirates Fine Arts Society

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