Egypt - Cairo

April 25, 2017 - Moulid Sayeda Zeinab, or as they call it "Elleila Elkebeera" Which means (The Big Night).

At the heart of Cairo, close to downtown, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the birth of Sayeda Zeinab, the maternal granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed. Islamic songs were chanted over loud speakers and food was distributed to those in need. People danced and cheered and spent their night in the memory of Sayeda Zeinab, believing that it brought them closer to God.

The Moulid is a traditional festival in which people gather for entertainment. Moulid translates to birth in Arabic. Islamic Moulids are synchronised with the Islamic Lunar calendar. Other popular Moulids include Al-Moulid Al-Nabawy, Moulid Al-Hussein, and Moulid Al-Sayyed Al-Badawi.

Moulids are celebrated by both Christians and Muslims in Egypt. Moulid Al-Adra, the Virgin Mary, and Moulid Mari Girgis are the two largest Coptic Moulid celebrations.

Information Source: Daily News Egypt

I choose to shoot with Fujifilm X100F as I wanted to not be noticed in Cairo Streets, I loved the quality of the images however I have missed my Fujifilm XT2 in this trip.