Ola Allouz is an Emirati artist born in Dubai. With a degree in Accounting from UAE University, Ola brings a unique attention to detail to her artistry, which she developed further after earning a degree in Photography from Emirates Fine Arts Society. It is through this unique perspective where she she developed a love for storytelling through her camera.

A creative mind is defined not by the skills you have, but where we look.

Ola believes that being creative is defined by a unique way of thinking. "A creative mind always does things differently."  There are so many ways of being creative., We just need to look and reflect." 


In pursuing her passion in photography Ola found herself immensely drawn to street and fashion photography. This did not happen by chance but pure passion and love to capture those moments which resulted in her winning various international awards and photography distinctions from different countries around the world.


Ola is a Fujifilm brand ambassador and the founder of @foto.uae instagam feed, which focus on building a strong community of like minded artists by organizing periodic photo-walks and meet-ups at different locations in the UAE. ​


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